Wellbeing Project
As change makers focused on Loss and Damage, our collective goal is to mobilise finance at the scale necessary for developing countries and frontline communities within them to address both economic and non-economic loss and damage. Our mission is to co-create a world in which every human, species, and ecosystem on Earth is thriving amidst global challenges, including climate change.

In pursuit of this mission, we often shoulder overwhelming workloads that impact our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Over the past few years, community members, including our own team, have experienced exhaustion, prompting some to step back.

Despite the critical importance of self-care, well-being and mental health remain on the periphery. In early 2024, we committed to fostering essential conversations and sharing well-being resources. Our goal is to cultivate well-being within our community, creating a network of thriving change-makers.

This page serves as a platform for sharing reflections on well-being, including a yearlong series on the foundations of well-being from our global lead, Erin Roberts. We invite your input and reflections—this page is for you!  

You can reach out to us at:
wellbeing [@] lossanddamagecollaboration.org.