Who We Are
The Loss and Damage Collaboration (L&DC) is a group of climate policy and art and cultural practitioners, researchers, activists, lawyers, advocates and decision makers from both the global North and South working together to ensure that developing countries, and the vulnerable people and communities within them, have the support they need to address climate change related loss and damage. We are a group of committed individuals representing a range of organisations including Loss and Damage Youth Coalition (LDYC), the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) in Bangladesh, the Prakriti Resources Centre (PRC) in Nepal, the Green Protector based in Rwanda and many other civil society organisations working on Loss and Damage all over the globe.
What We Do
To achieve our aim of ensuring that vulnerable people, communities and countries have the support they need to address loss and damage, we focus on the following:

• Research: We develop policy briefs and background papers to provide intellectual leadership on a range of issues relevant to Loss and Damage.

• Advocacy: We raise awareness of critical issues related to Loss and Damage with a focus on the importance of scaling up finance for addressing loss and damage and ensuring it gets to the vulnerable people, communities and countries who need it most.

• Outreach: We reach out to and liaise with a range of actors including other networks, political influencers and philanthropies. 

• Convene: We curate interactive discussions that bring the Loss and Damage community and other key stakeholders together to ensure coordination and alignment and provide space for sharing knowledge and ideas.

How We Work
Our work includes a Support Centre for negotiators from vulnerable developing countries, Advocacy & Outreach and Art & Culture programs and projects on Loss and Damage finance and the Santiago Network along with working groups on human rights and displacement and human mobility. We also host the New Generation, a group of emerging negotiators from developing countries and work closely with the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition (LDYC), an initiative that grew out of our work. We work virtually, holding regular calls and virtual workshops to share updates and exchange information with the ultimate objective of driving the Loss and Damage agenda to mobilise action and support at all levels to support those on the frontlines of climate change.

Our Core Team
Global Lead
Erin is a climate policy researcher who has worked on Loss and Damage at all levels in vulnerable developing countries, particularly in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Africa. She has degrees in biology, international relations and international development and a PhD in geography, which examined the way in which leadership shaped Loss and Damage policy in Bangladesh. In her role as global lead, Erin focuses on fundraising to sustain and scale up our work. She also supports the core team and broader membership of the L&DC and works closely with young negotiators from vulnerable developing countries through her work with the New Generation program.
Hyacinthe Niyitegeka
Hyacinthe Niyitegeka is a water scientist and climate negotiator with experience in the fields of Loss and Damage and climate policy in general. She currently serves as coordinator of the L&DC, a role in which she oversees day to day operations and leads the mapping of activities related to Loss and Damage. In her work, she also ensures coordination of the L&DC general membership by working closely with the leaders of our projects, programmes, and initiatives. She has experience working on climate policy in diverse contexts. Additionally, Hyacinthe co-founded the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition, and she led their advocacy working group.
Strategy Lead
Sindra Sharma
Sindra is an expert in climate policy and international development, emphasising climate justice for Small Island Developing States (SIDS). With a PhD from the London School of Economics and multidisciplinary advanced degrees from the University of Auckland, she has contributed to the climate dialogue by advising negotiators and working with Civil Society to advance climate justice narratives in policy discussions and broader contexts, approaching loss and damage in a holistic and integrated manner. She oversees the L&DC’s strategic planning, working with members to  develop and execute comprehensive strategic plans in alignment with the L&DC’s overarching goal and mission statement.
Advocacy, Outreach and Communications Lead
An award winning artist, filmmaker and photographer working on projects relating to political ecology, Loss and Damage, climate-induced migration and displacement, Slow Violence and the political and cultural critique of the Anthropocene, Teo works to coordinate the L&DC's Advocacy and Outreach program and our Art & Culture program. He also oversees our communications work.
Digital Content Manager
tariq Jowahir
Tariq is a multidisciplinary designer and communications specialist whose expertise lies at the intersection of information and design. He holds a Master’s Degree in Information Science and Bilingual Journalism from the Sorbonne University and has over a decade of experience working on campaigns and projects within the development sector. He specialises in digital content creation and graphic design for the Loss and Damage Collaboration. His responsibilities include leading design projects, managing social media content and supporting the coordination of all L&DC communications outputs.
Strategy Lead
Julie-Anne has worked in climate change for two decades. She drives for positive change by developing insightful strategy, collaborating, building alliances, and establishing and implementing campaigns. As Strategy Lead, Julie-Anne works with L&DC members and allies to develop and implement effective strategy on the issue of Loss and Damage in the UNFCCC and other relevant arenas to help L&DC members work together on a well-founded shared strategic approach to increasing international support for loss and damage.
Membership Support Lead
Brenda mwale
Brenda Mwale is a climate change advocate with more than eight years of experience in policy advocacy, community engagement, partnerships, climate education, and intergovernmental processes. She is currently a negotiator for Malawi on Loss and Damage and coordinates the Finance Working Group of the L&DC. She has expertise in gender and youth mainstreaming and engagement. Brenda is also a farmer and uses the platform to advocate for sustainable food systems.
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Image Credit: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2016), processed by ESA, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO