These definitions were developed by members of the Loss and Damage Collaboration, the Loss and Damage Network and researchers and academics working on Loss and Damage.

An Introduction
to Loss and Damage

What is loss and damage (small “l” and “d”)? What is Loss and Damage (big “L” and “D”)?

What are the different types of loss and damage?

What causes concretely loss and damage?

How is Loss and Damage different from adaptation?

Are there different views on what is loss and damage?

Why is loss and damage a major topic in climate action?

Why is loss and damage critical for developing countries in particular ?

Political and Financial Action
on Loss and Damage

How much will climate change induced loss and damage cost?

Who is currently paying for loss and damage?

What kind of support do developing countries need to address loss and damage?

How can support be provided to the climate vulnerable developing countries?

Tools to Understand & Address Loss and Damage

How and when can loss and damage be attributed to climate change?

What tools and approaches can be implemented to address loss and damage?

Loss and Damage
in the UNFCCC

What is the UNFCCC?

What is the history of Loss and Damage within the UNFCCC?

Why is it important to discuss Loss and Damage under the UNFCCC?  

What is the Warsaw International Mechanism?

What has the WIM done since it was established?

Image Credit: NASA, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO