This paper emphasizes the urgency for tangible action in dealing with Loss & Damage (L&D) and highlights, that in 2019 we still face a lack of adequate action and support for L&D under the UNFCCC. Seven technical and political challenges with regard to climate finance for L&D are identified. The paper shows that where international climate diplomacy doesn’t advance fast enough to support the already affected people, they start to take the legal avenue to address the problem of L&D. The paper concludes with the need for a finance facility for L&D and formulates key steps on the way to its establishment and provides concrete recommendations for decisions that need to be taken at COP25. With the aim to eventually set up a finance facility for L&D, the COP25 needs to agree on 1) A COP decision to establish an ExCom expert group on action and support. 2) A COP decision on ExCom priorities for 2020 to strengthening their engagement towards closing the L&D Finance gap.