COP26: Stocktaking

Session and Closing


13 / 11 / 2021
Video credit: UN Climate Change / UNFCCC

On November 13th, at one plus extra days, the COP26 Presidency held the final stock taking session in the Glasgow COP's Plenary Hall.

During the stock take there were notable interventions in response to the watering down of the G77 + China and AOSIS's proposal for a Glasgow Loss and Damage Finance Facility to a Glasgow Dialogue on Loss and Damage. Interventions addressing loss and damage came from Guinea on behaved of the G77 + China, and AGN, The Marshal Islands, Fiji, Antigua and Barbuda on behalf of AOSIS, The Maldives, and Bhutan on behalf of the LDC group.

Following a break for huddles in relation to India's last minuet objection to wording on coal the plenary final came to a close with final statements from many of the above.

"For some loss and damage may be the beginning of conversation and dialogue, but for us this is a matter of survival."

Aminath Shauna, the Maldives’ minister of environment, climate change and technology, during the stock take.