By Sam Goodman, Adrián Martínez Blanco, Jhoanna Cifuentes Gómez, Osver Polo Carrasco, Isatis M. Cintrón, Javier Dávalos, Mariano Villares, Santiago Aldana Rivera, Anaid Velasco, RCOY, and Alejandro Aleman.
29 / 10 / 2022
Image credit: Stuart Roldán

Protecting the right to participate in environmental governance processes is key to delivering outcomes at the national, regional, and international levels that reflect the interests of environmental defenders, civil society organizations (CSOs), and frontline communities.

To reinforce our belief that participation is a right, we have invited our friends and colleagues from around the region to contribute to this collective work. What follows is a series of articles on the threats, challenges, and successes in engaging civil society in environmental governance and protecting defenders in the region.

In English below and in Spanish here.

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