Current areas

of convergence

and divergence on

the Santiago Network

for Loss and Damage

Hyacinthe Niyitegeka and Heidi White
17 / 05 / 2022
Image credit: pexels

From the 4th to the 6th of May 2022, a technical workshop on the Santiago Network's institutional arrangements was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The goal of the workshop was to expand on the ideas presented in submissions on the Santiago Network's institutional arrangements received by the secretariat by a wide range of Parties and stakeholders on five aspects that Parties agreed at COP26 needed to be discussed to effectively operationalise the Santiago Network.

The technical workshop was a successful event that provided a useful forum for the ideas in the submissions to be expanded upon. Parties will consider both the submissions and discussions at the technical workshop at the 56th session of the Subsidiary Bodies (SB 56) in Bonn from June 6 to 16, with the goal of making recommendations for consideration and adoption at COP 27 in Sharm el-Sheikh in November 2022.

As Parties prepare for SB 56, the purpose of this brief is to provide them with the tools to ensure an ambitious outcome by providing a brief summary of areas where convergence and divergence appear to exist. Of course, the submissions and technical workshop processes are not formal negotiation processes and the actual positions of the parties on these issues will become much clearer once negotiations begin at SB 56. The Santiago Network Project looks forward to supporting this process to ensure the Santiago Network can deliver assistance to frontline communities as soon as possible.

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