Julie's Bicycle:

Creative Climate

Justice - Loss

and Damage

By Julie's Bicycle
02 / 02 / 2022
Video credit: Julie's Bicycle, Creative Climate Justice - Loss & Damage

The second episode in Julie's Bicycle's Creative Climate Justice series, explored the concept of Loss and Damage, and how we respond to climate change impacts that can’t be prevented or recovered (‘Losses’) as well as those that may be able to be restored (‘Damage’).

Some places are already experiencing Loss and Damage, and the most vulnerable people and places are suffering the biggest impacts. Those most affected are the least responsible for carbon emissions that are driving climate change. This brings the focus to climate justice – to calls for accountability from the richer to the poorer nations for loss and damage, to accept responsibility for historical emissions, provide technical support and compensate poorer nations for loss and damage now, and in the future.

We hear from a policy experts and creative practitioners who can help us unpack this jargon and learn what it means for our creative climate action, and how we as a creative community can foster connection with the impacts of climate change overseas and at home in the UK.


Professor Saleemul Huq - International Center for Climate Change and Development

Anna Santomauro - Arts Catalyst

Andrea Carmen - WIM Non-Economic Loss and Damage Expert Group, UNFCCC Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Facilitative Working Group

Chaired by Farhana Yamin - international climate lawyer.