LOSS, DAMAGE AND SOCIAL COHESION: Impacts and next steps for policy and programming

By Lily Salloum Lindegaard and Francis Xavier Jarawura
21 / 05 / 2024
Photo credit: BAKMH9. ROY Philippe / Hemis / Alamy Stock Photo. Republished from: DIIS: Danis Institute for International Studies

Globally, climate change is rapidly intensifying but understanding of its social impacts remains limited. This report – part of a groundbreaking study on climate- related losses and damages to social relations and social cohesion – sheds new light on social impacts in climate vulnerable areas. It provides critical insights for policy and programming and sets the stage for further research and policy engagement.

The report analyses trends in international engagement with social cohesion and novel empirical data on losses to social cohesion on the ground, with particular focus on situations of climate change and forced mobility. It includes a literature review, a policy and programming review, empirical data collection in the Upper West Region of Ghana and Tillabéri Region of Niger, and interviews with practitioners.

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