The Loss and Damage Collaboration (L&DC) wants to hear what Loss and Damage work you are doing in 2024! Whether you are an individual, a network, an organisation or a government, we want to know your plans!

This year's mapping work will build upon the report that we produced last year to highlight who was doing what on Loss and Damage, what challenges there were to undertaking that work, and importantly what gaps there were.

The goal of this new mapping work is to help the L&DC and others working on Loss and Damage to avoid duplication and build upon each other's efforts, while also discovering ways to collaborate more efficiently with other actors.

Therefore, please let us know what your Loss and Damage plans are in 2024 by filling in the following form by the 30th of April 2024.


An initial report will be complied ready for the 2024 Bonn Climate Conference in June 2024. The Survey will then be reopened to undertake a further mapping ready for COP29 in November 2024.
If you have any questions, if you want to know how the mapping is progressing, or if you need further information on how this information will be used, please email:

hyacinthe [@]