27 / 06 / 2024

The Second meeting of the Advisory Board of the Santiago Network for Loss and Damage will take place from the 02nd to the 04th of July in Geneva, Switzerland. The provisional agenda includes key items such as:

  1. Guidelines on preventing potential and addressing actual and perceived conflicts of interest
  2. Rules of procedure of the Advisory Board
  3. Santiago network strategy & results framework
  4. Santiago network indicative 5-year budget
  5. Guidelines on designation of OBNEs
  6. Procedures for responding to requests for technical assistance, including for urgent response
  7. Guidelines on managing funding
  8. High-level dialogue and input of the SNLD

The following key messages, which respond to each of the agenda items for the second meeting of the Santiago Network Advisory Board,  build upon and or situate the recommendations detailed in the L&DC’s Santiago Network Project publication”Examining The Path To Meaningful Progress For The Santiago Network For Loss And Damage In 2024”.

Read the full text here: