11 / 01 / 2022

Amid the ravages of climate change, hard-hit lands look to wealthy nations for funds.

Throughout 2021, a slew of hurricanes, floods and forest fires brought one fact into sharp focus: The climate crisis isn't a problem for the future, it's a problem for right now.

In the US and across Europe, many are just waking to this realization. But countries in the developing world -- often referred to as the Global South -- have been feeling the effects of global warming for years or even decades....

In this excellent article Katie Collins of CNET explores what happened at COP26 on Loss and Damage finance and what needs to happen at COP27, with contributions from Ineza Umuhoza Grace, Gladys Habu, Yusuf Baluch, Saleemul Huq, Asad Rehman, Harjeet Singh, Teresa Anderson, and Mitzi Jonelle Tan.

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